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CrispyBiscuit[link] gave Max Payne 3 a 7.6 ouch!
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CrispyBiscuit8.5, looks like it deserves a 7.0
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review - IGN
It could've been so different. Two years ago, when Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was shown at E3 in 2010, the reaction was muted. Unlike the bombastic demo that was unveiled - which ...
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CrispyBiscuit   I have played it..
bigpav53   oh did you get it, if you are referring to the beta, don't judge a game by it's beta, if we did BF3 would not have sold a copy. In fact after playing the beta of BF3 I was very close to cancelling my preorder
CrispyBiscuit   Nah mate I work with got it that day and he lives right next to my local westfield, so I went back to his to check it out in case I liked it and I didn't mind it but it didn't grab my attention enough to get it at the moment.
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AAF 2012 Leaderboards

bigpav53 a posted Jul 12, 12
The Leaderboards are up, please read rules and point structure. Any question are welcome.


Barnhawk a posted Jul 4, 12

Welcome to the official website of Australian Assault Force

We are a multi-platform gaming clan situated in Australia. We are a casual clan and play many of the new releases.

If you would like to join please fill out the registration form. If you are accepted you will have a 2 week trial (perhaps longer) to see if you fit into the group. During this 2 week trial you will be required to participate in 3 gaming sessions on either platform. If you arnt able to do that within the 2 weeks then your trail will continue until you can do so. 

If you are playing BF3 and in the clan please go to:
and register join. 

Please scroll down to read the Rules and Regulations.

Rules and Regulations

Barnhawk a posted Jul 4, 12
1 - Treat others how you would like to be treated. Any harsh remarks taken as a personal attack by a clan member will be dealt with and may result in ban. Also any fanboyism (Xbox is gay, Failstation 3) will be delt with.


2 - When playing online you are representing the clan. Please refrain from cheating, hacking, glitching and sending abusive messages to players, we dont want to gain a bad reputation. 

3 - If you are using a microphone (highly reccomended), please use it in a quiet environment where background noise is minimal. If you are going to have a conversation with someone off mic please mute so the rest of the team/squad cant hear it.


4. When clan tags are permitted please put (AAF)


5. Be active, inactive members may be removed. You can be active by joining sessions, participating in discussions, posting in the forum and running gaming sessions.

Due to Google Adsense Policy, HTML & Shoutbox modules are disabled on the Free Plan. Upgrade to enable.